Book a private guided tour - Världsarvet Grimeton Radiostation
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Book a private guided tour

Book a private guided tour

World Heritage Grimeton Radio station can be experienced all year round. During the guided tours our guides tells the story about the 1920 high-tech wonders, its role during the years and what is happening at the facility today. If the group is specifically interested in the technology, you can choose to immerse yourself during a longer tour.

The guided tour The Day Shift  (40 minutes) takes the visitors on a journey from the time when the radio station was built, what happened at the site from 1920 until today. For groups that are technically interested, the guided tour The Technical Shift (2 hrs) is recommended. The group watches the film about the radio station, get an in-depth technical description and the opportunity to have a closer look at long-wave transmitter.

A good start or end of the visit is to sit down in the world heritage visitor center for some coffee. The venue can accommodate up to 64 seated visitors and, if necessary, more places can be arranged. Refreshments are ordered in connection with booking.

  • The Day Shift
    Ordinary guided tour that tells about the radio station’s history and what is happening at the facility today (Duration: 40 minutes)

Mon – Fri 8 am-5 pm              Other times
up to 14 participants        1680 SEK/group                        2030 SEK/group
from 15 participants        120 SEK/person                         145 SEK/person

  • The Technical Shift
    A technical guided tour with an in-depth technical description  (Duration: 2 hrs).

Mon – Fri  8 am-5 pm             Other times
up to 14 participants       2800 SEK/group                      3500 SEK/group
from 15 participants       200 SEK/person                       250 SEK/person

  • Long-wave start up
    The long-wave transmitter is started and the group can follow the procedure at close quarters (Duration: 1 h 30 min).

Mon – Fri  8 am-5 pm         Other times
up to 14 participants        5740 kr/grupp                       6300 kr/grupp
from 15 participants         410 kr/person                      450 kr/person