Radio yoga - World Heritage Grimeton Radio Station
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Radio yoga

Radio yoga

For the first time ever, yoga classes are held at Grimeton Radio Station. 

The yoga classes are arranged by Lisbeth Hordnes (from Kanåsen Friskcenter) at 8.30-10.00 AM inside the transmitting hall, located in the main building of the radio station from the 1920’s.

Contact Lisbeth Hordnes, +46(0)70-2929340, or via a form Kanåsens hemsida:

  • to book a class
  • if you have any questions regarding the classes


The yoga classes are held at 8.30-10.00 AM:

  • June 19-20, June 26-27
  • July 3, July 10-11, July 17-18, July 24-25, July 31
  • August 1, August 7-8