SAQ Transmissions - Världsarvet Grimeton Radiostation
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SAQ Transmissions

SAQ Transmissions

A unique and still operational long wave transmitter, with call sign SAQ, can be seen at Grimeton Radio Station. Transmissions began during 1924 and was then part of a network including nine stations, all equipped with the same kind of long wave transmitter.The former, once transatlantic network, is now long gone. The only remaining long wave transmitter of its kind is today found at Grimeton Radio Station and a few times each year it transmits a Morse telegram to enthusiastics listeners.

The long wave transmitter is still operational thanks to good care during the years. However, being over 90 years makes the equippment a bit capricious and unexpected events might occur. Therefore are all transmissions with SAQ preliminary and might be cancelled with short notice.

Read more about the history of the radio station and about the long wave transmitter.


The next SAQ transmission is planned to take place on December 24.  Transmitter start-up begins at 8.30 AM (7.30 UTC) and Christmas transmission is at 9.00 AM (8.00 UTC). Organizer is Soceity Alexander GVV and all questions regarding the Christmas transmission is kindly referred to