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World Heritage Grimeton Radio Station is open all year for pre-booked groups. For information regarding a visit and guided tour, please use the form below to contact us.

World Heritage Grimeton Radio Station

Radiostationen 72

SE-432 98 Grimeton

Epost: info@grimeton.org

Telefon: (+46) 0340 67 41 90

Road direction

The site is located 10 km east of Varberg. The six antenna towers can be seen from Varberg. From the city centre, drive north towards road 153, by following the signs to E6 N. On road 153, drive east, by the entrance to E6, the first brown and white colored sign can be seen, “Radiostation Grimeton”. Follow the signs.

Local service

From Varberg

Åkturen (Bus 669). Stop: Grimeton Radiostation

More information and time table is available at www.hallandstrafiken.se

More information about Åkturen is available at www.visitvarberg.se

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