Be part of the anniversary year!

2025 is the year to celebrate!

An anniversary in the making – and we want you to join us!

For Grimeton Radio Station’s 100th anniversary, we have created a concept and approach that we hope will inspire you and your business to want to participate, develop and create something, big or small, that can become part of the anniversary celebration. We envision exciting, knowledgeable and perhaps unexpected activities, products and stories happening both in your country and in ours – and leaving a mark on the future.

The anniversary year is 2025.

The celebrations start in December 2024 and continue throughout 2025.










We can already mention two of the highlights.

To commemorate the fact that the Grimeton Radio Station started broadcasting on December 1, 1924, we want to organize a kind of kick-off of the anniversary year in December 2024. How about moving back in time 100 years and feeling the wings through flavors, music and your whole body?

And as a nice start to the summer season during the anniversary year, a celebration is planned for July 2, 2025, similar to the one in 1925 when Gustav V solemnly and grandly inaugurated the facility. On July 2, 2025, our revamped visitor center will open and we want to fill the area with activities and people who inspire, communicate and share the world’s best place to experience wireless communication.

But we hope and believe that together we can do so much more! Not everything that will happen has been decided, but what we do know is that we want to do something together with more exciting and committed actors.

Do you want to participate? Do you have an idea?

Our common heritage is a unique story that can be told by many others. We link the celebrations to 3 themes!

Photo: Calegi/Halland Cultural History Museum

Be part of the celebration!


Arranging, producing or narrating
related to one of the three themes of the Jubilee. Communication. World Heritage. Technology.

Together, we’re pulling together and creating
the next chapter in the history of Grimeton World Heritage Site. Submit your ideas now!


The basis for today’s wireless communication is the Grimeton World Heritage Site. The rapid development of communications is essential for a sustainable society in the future. But this rapid development also raises a number of questions: How much communication can we demand? And how much communication can we tolerate? What happens if we don’t communicate?

During the anniversary, we want to continue talking about how communication has made our lives easier, but also about the risks associated with communication. We also want to tell you about communication heroes who have worked here at the radio station.

Do you have a story or idea that works in this context? It could be anything from a love bombing campaign via text messages at your company, to dance performances or throat lozenges that get you talking. Or communicate our shared world heritage in some other exciting and creative way. It is almost only the imagination that limits how we can tell together about this theme that has affected, is affecting and will most likely always affect humanity.

Communication in the service of people

World Heritage

Grimeton is the best place in the world to experience wireless communication. As a World Heritage Site, we also have a global responsibility to tell this story. UNESCO’s work on World Heritage also focuses on promoting peace through education, science, culture and now communication.

Of course, we take the main responsibility for telling the story of the World Heritage Site. We already do this today, through
such as guided tours, exhibitions and activities.

But do you have any anniversary initiatives on the theme of education, science and culture that can contribute to a more peaceful and sustainable world? Maybe a campaign against cyberbullying? Or why not an exciting theater performance or peace concert, with good, locally produced food and drink in the break?

In particular, we want to highlight all of you who are active in the vicinity of the World Heritage Site today. The place would never have been what it is without all the people who have lived and worked here, past and present. Maybe the radio station’s history of apple growing in the Radio Village will inspire you to make the best must for visitors during the anniversary year?

Good communication


The Grimeton World Heritage Site focuses on telecommunications. We know the history of technology in this area and we already communicate this as often as we can.

But what is the technological future of communications? And what is happening in the field today? Here we may need help from both researchers and technology companies to raise awareness.

Maybe you have some exciting technology solutions that you want to share and spread during the anniversary year? We are of course also interested in the risks and downsides of the technological developments we face. Can you help us here? If so, you are very welcome to lecture on current and future technological developments in the field of communication, here with us, or on other stages in Halland. Perhaps courses, lecture series and trainings can be started in the name of the Grimeton World Heritage Site?

In short, we want to become a key player and stage for this exciting field of knowledge, both during the anniversary and in the future.

Communication technologies yesterday, today and tomorrow

100 years of communication

Our common emblem for products, events and activities

We at Grimeton World Heritage Site have developed an emblem for the anniversary year and have a coordinating role. All events, products and activities created during the centenary year and linked to one of the three themes of the centenary – Communication, World Heritage or Technology – will be gathered on a special events page under the heading “100 years of communication”.

Every actor and event that can be linked to the Jubilee program will be allowed to use the emblem, which will also serve as a seal of quality.

Do you have ideas and products?
Read more and submit via the form below.

Tell us how you want to be involved?

It is sufficient that the event, activity or products you offer can be matched to 1 of these 3 themes, to be part of the joint anniversary program during the period “December 2024 – December 2025” and that they live up to the values of the World Heritage Grimeton Radio Station.

Send your ideas via the questionnaire now,
and the Jubilee team will process your contribution
and get back to you shortly.

Thank you for your commitment!

Joining forces to make the site a world heritage site with global reach

We want to link the centenary to the ongoing development of the World Heritage Site. In particular, our idea is that the anniversary initiative can be a way to strengthen cooperation between different actors. Nor does the joint effort have the anniversary itself as its ultimate goal. On the contrary, the idea is to create a series of long-term partnerships in the run-up to and during the anniversary.

Since 2023, there is a common development strategy for the Foundation’s trustees with the aim of achieving
sustainable site development
around the World Heritage Site by working together with others in the tourism industry in and around the World Heritage Site. This makes the site an obvious and vibrant asset for those who visit, live and work in Halland.
The anniversary year is therefore the starting point for the development work that is expected to continue indefinitely.

We want to invite you to join us in the celebrations, and we want you and many others to use the World Heritage Site to develop your own activities, your offers or anything else you see that the World Heritage Site can offer.

We are simply for those who want to communicate the Grimeton World Heritage Site and develop its potential.

Ernst Alexanderson on the power of cooperation

The great hero of the World Heritage site’s history, engineer Ernst Alexanderson, whose revolutionary inventions led to the creation of the Grimeton Radio Station a century ago, was quick to stress the importance of cooperation for success.

“Inventing is one of the creative arts. But unlike the painter or composer, the inventor cannot work alone. He is rarely a businessman, just as the businessman is rarely an inventor. Their different ways of thinking can be a source of misunderstanding, but they can learn to work together amicably and industry needs the services of both.”

Ernst Alexandersson, engineer


Our society also needs collaboration. We hope you will join us in creating a sustainable and shared future in and around the World Heritage Site. So think about how you want to contribute – and check your ideas against the three themes.