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Since being designated as a World Heritage Site, Grimeton Radio Station has undergone a number of changes. From previously being a purely commercial radio transmission station, inaccessible to the public, it is now open to the public and has a wide range of activities in addition to the still important radio operations. This development is made possible by a variety of stakeholders, who contribute to making the site more accessible and interesting. We couldn’t do without our permanent and largest contributors.

Supporting pillars

All contributions and donations go directly to the preservation of the radio station, and both small and large contributions are welcome. So even as an individual, a family or a small business, you can make a difference.

By purchasing a supporting pillar in the palisade of the obstacle course, you are contributing to various development projects on the site, with the obstacle course being one such project that has been completed, and you are also leaving your mark on history by having a plaque with your name on it.

A pole with a personal name SEK 500

A pole with a family name SEK 1,000

A pole with a company name SEK 5,000

((Maximum number of characters for all posts is 25 incl. spaces) )

If you live in Sweden you can either send a Swish transfer to 123 524 46 45 or make a bankgiro payment to 5597-9736, stating the name that is to be written on the pole as the message.

If you are living abroad please make a payment to Varbergs Sparbank, BIC/SWIFT CODE: SWEDSESS, IBAN NUMBER: SE 4480 0008 3881 0039 4917 25, Stiftelsen Världsarvet Grimeton, Grimeton 72, SE-432 98 Grimeton, Sweden, stating the name that is to be written on the pole as the message.

VAT-ID is: SE849600849401

Partnerships and funding

World heritage sites belong to everyone and in order to ensure that everyone feels a sense of belonging and that the sites remain interesting and relevant, it is important that many people participate in the work. Grimeton World Heritage Site is working in a range of ways to include a variety of stakeholders. Every year, for example, an information meeting is held for the residents in the local area, at which the upcoming annual plans are presented and where discussions, opinions and ideas are encouraged. Workshops are held with the school community and other under-represented visitor groups in order to respond in various ways to their needs. Based on this interaction, activities are then designed at different levels and with different degrees of knowledge. The World Heritage Site also hosts a range of events and partnerships with cultural operators to provide a varied program of activities throughout the year that attract different audiences.
The development work is financed with the help of companies, organizations, individuals and others who want to support this unique site in various ways, which in the long run contributes to its preservation.

The more donors there are, the greater the opportunities we have for further developing the site and bringing it to life. As we know that there are many different reasons for working with us, we look forward to hearing from you to see what we can do for each other. We can be contacted via

“World Heritage sites belongs to everyone! That’s why at Varbergs Sparbank, we feel it is a given to be a long-term partner of the Grimeton World Heritage Site, and we are very proud of this. Over the next five years, we will contribute SEK 15 million via the Sparbank Foundation, to make Grimeton a destination for visitors of all ages. We contribute to activities that enable us all to understand the significance of Grimeton and our shared history. We also believe that the development of Grimeton brings added vibrancy to this rural area. Thank you for the great work you are doing to preserve it and tell our common story.”

Jan-Inge Lyckberg, Executive Officer Sparbank Foundation Varberg

“With its six towers, the radio station at Grimeton is an exceptionally well-preserved monument of early wireless communication, and it is a well-known landmark in Halland. The radio station is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, along with, for example, the Pyramids of Egypt. The facility is also located in an area designated as a national cultural heritage site. The radio station and its surrounding area are also protected as a monument. Halland County Council is a proud partner of the radio station, which addresses a wide audience and tells the story of wireless communication in an informative and enjoyable way. Here, work is ongoing to use, develop and preserve cultural heritage. The County Council is one of several agencies that actively work with and are responsible for cultural environments and cultural heritage in the county. Halland County Council is represented on the board of the Grimeton World Heritage Foundation.”

Emma Östlund, County Antiquarian, Department of Urban Development