Help the kids to reach the top – Buy a pole!

Everyone should be able to reach the top at the World Heritage Grimeton Radio Station. Therefore, we are

building a new exciting obstacle course for the young climbers. But we need your help. If you contribute with a penny or two you will get your name on a plaque on one of the poles surrounding the place. At the same time,

you’ll give children the opportunity for an educational, exciting and fun activity.


A pole with one person’s name 500kr
A pole with a family’s name 1000kr
A pole with a company’s name 5000kr

Background to the project

“I want to do things by myself. I don’t want to sit still in a ring. ”

“I want to climb.”

“It has to be real. Not for toddlers. ”

“It should be difficult, but not too difficult.”

“And exciting and fun! Mom is not allowed to play, only grandpa. ”

Project background

The quotes comes from conversations with children who have visited the World Heritage Grimeton Radio Station. One of the most important tasks that the World Heritage Grimeton has is to get children and young people interested in the site. Today we do it through school programs as well as family tours and activities like the Morse hunt. But can we do more? Can we do it like the children wants it? Yes, with your help we can!

What are the funds from the crowdfunding being used for?

We want to convey in an fun, exciting and physical way how it is and was to work at the radio station with its high altitude. And do it as our target group, children 6 – 10 years, want!

It is about building an outdoor and place-unique, fun and learning place for children. It is based on the world heritage’s unique values and tradition – handmade, with high quality and local power!

At the radio station, right next to the visitor center with it´s café and toilets, an experience-based obstacle course is created with many different stations where children can get to know how it is and was to work at the radio station. The course is based on education and entertainment, so-called edutainment. It is designed so that children under safe but adventurous forms can take part of the site. It’s about learning with both mind and body.

The site is based on the free play, but there is a structured adventure with both an exciting assignment and information signs that give an educational explanation to each station. The obstacle track follows the story of a mast worker at the radio station who has to repair a part of the antenna. The playing child personalize the mast worker and tries to follow in his footsteps. In order to be allowed to work at high altitudes, the child must undergo similar health checks as they did last century before being accepted as a high-altitude worker.

How does the product / service contribute to social benefits?

In order for the project to be realized, many need to be involved. One of these is Johnny and his gang at the Work Center. (The work center is located in the municipality of Varberg and works with labor market initiatives, daily activities, holiday work for young people, internships and work training.) We want to work with them, not only because social inclusion is one of our cornerstones, but also because it feels right in the heart and makes us happy when our projects can be something more.

We believe that children need to move and have fun. And that they can do more than we think. To give them the opportunity to handle new situations and make their own assessments. We are developing the radio station – which used the apprentice system as a method for almost 100 years!

Who is looking for funds?

Grimeton Radio Station is a World Heritage that is managed by the Foundation World Heritage Grimeton. The reslut of the project, the obstacle course, will be owned and taken care of by the foundation, which will make it available by implementing it in to the visitor range. Responsibility for the care and maintenance of the obstacle course lies with the foundation.

What makes the World Heritage Grimeton unique is that it contains a complete long-wave facility from the time when wireless technology was new. Where the purpose is not so different from Today – Communication through quick and short messages to inform about something that has happened. The radio station with it´s huge antenna, which is carried by six 127-meters-high steel towers, are still in running condition. And are still used during special occasions!

Today, Grimeton radio station is the only one of its kind in the world and therefore a World Heritage since 2004. UNESCO, UN’s organization for education, science and culture, identifies and selects world heritage. Common for the sites is that they represent the history of mankind and earth. Therefore, the world heritage is equally important to everyone, no matter where you live. Just like Grimeton Radio Station is based on various components to work, we are all, you and I, important components in the preservation of the common heritage. By highlighting the World Heritage, and what unites us people, UNESCO hopes that greater respect and understanding will be achieved between people. Which in the long run contributes to a better and more peaceful world.

We believe in the obstacle course as a new important component – in the present. That the children via edutainment can take part of a piece of unique communication history, that hopefully leaves imprints far into the future. Because it is precisely this generation that one day will take over and manage our common heritage.

Developing our common world heritage is something we can neither do nor want to do ourselves. It’s something we do together. Thank you for your support regarding the development!

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