Opening hours & Tickets

Opening hours & Tickets 2021

Are you up for an experience out of the ordinary? Grimeton Radio station is unique just as its experiences. Below you find our opening hours and the calendar where you can buy your tickets. Its also possible for groups to pre book a guided tour outside opening hours. Welcome!






20 Open saturday 10am-3pm



24 Open saturday 10am-3pm

30 Open 10am-3pm (No guided tours)



1-2 Weekend open 10am-3pm

6-9 Weekend open 10am-3pm

15-16 Weekend open 10am-3pm

20-23 Weekend open 10am-3pm

27-30 Helgöppet 10.00-15.00



3-6 Weekend open 10am-3pm

10-13 Weekend open 10am-3pm

17-20 Weekend open 10am-3pm

21-30 Open daily 10am-5pm (25 Midsummer closed)



1-31 Open daily 10am-5pm (4 Alexanderson day)


1-15 Open daily 10am-5pm

19-22 Weekend open 10am-3pm

26-29 Weekend open 10am-3pm



2-5 Weekend open 10am-3pm

9-12 Weekend open 10am-3pm

16-19 Weekend open 10am-3pm

23-26 Weekend open 10am-3pm


9-10 Weekend open 10am-3pm

23-24 Weekend open 10am-3pm (24 UN-day peace event)



20 Saturday open 10am-3pm

1-5 Fall break 10am-3pm 


18 Saturday open 10am-3pm (Santa frequency 1pm-3pm)


* In some cases, there are different types of events at the world heritage site that can affect the opening hours, which is informed about in advance. In other cases, unforeseeable events may mean that dates and opening hours need to be changed, therefore we reserve the right to do so. Misspellings may occur.


The entrance ticket are valid all day and gives you access to the radio station, the exhibition, The Morse Hunt, The Radio Phantom and the obstacle course The Examination.

The "guided introduction" ticket gives you access to the radio station and a place on the guided introduction. Due to the special circumstances the tours are limited.

Operation Palmqvist is our adventure room. Access to the radio station are not included in the ticket.

The Climbing Shift is The World Heritage Site´s high altitude experience. Access to the radio station are not included in the ticket.

Världsarvet Grimeton AB org nr: 556669-1100


When you buy entrance- and tour tickets on the website, you receive both a discount and the opportunity to secure a place on the guided introduction. On the web, you can also book the additional activities The Climbing Shift and Operation Palmqvist which are not included in the entrance fee. The tickets are not rebookable or cancelable. If available, you can also buy tickets on site in the Visitor Center.

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