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"Radioaffären" is the World Heritage Site´s loaded souvenir shop and is located in the same building as Kjells Kafé. The range is carefully selected and the products has a connection to the site. The shop is open when the World Heritage Site is. 

Buy memories and souvenirs at the shop "Radioaffären", to remember your visit to Grimeton Radio station. Buy original spare parts from the transmitters used in Grimeton, buy an exciting book to read on your way home or why not gifts for the kids or the grandkids? In the range are jewlery, books, radio receivers, toys, Grimeton-specific products and ornaments. Welcome!


The SAQ receiver is a complete kit with a detailed construction manual. The receiver is developed to receive morse signals on the frequency 17,2 kHz, which is the same one used by the longwave transmitter SAQ here in Grimeton.

A few times per year messages are sent with the old machinery and the radio waves reaches many parts of the world. With this kit you can hear the signals from many parts of Europe.

No pre knowledge is necessary. But a Morse alphabet can come handy!

Wish to order a SAQ-receiver? A kit costs 500 SEK + delivery costs and can be sent within Euorpe. Contact