In the world of radio amateurs there are no boundaries. A keen interest in language, curiosity about other cultures and using radio as a tool, contacts are established world wide. Here at World Heritage Grimeton Radio Station visitors have the chance to meet some of them when they open up radio amateur radio station SK6SAQ.

Today, there are about 3 million amateur radio operators around the world. At the world heritage radio amateur station SK6SAQ visitors have the chance to meet some of them. They are glad to show their hobby and let you try to use the radio to contact other like-minded people around the world.

The hobby arose in the early 1900s, after Marconi’s successful experiment to send wireless signals across the Atlantic. This major success aroused the curiosity of a number of individuals who themselves began to experiment with their own radio broadcasts. During the First World War amateur radio operations were banned in many countries, but after the war it changed. At a time when the Internet was not yet invented amateur radio became the first and only meeting with the world and other cultures for many enthusiasts. Although they were in remote locations or in isolated environments, they could communicate with each other.

The amateur radio station SK6SAQ is manned by enthusiastic volunteer. When the door is open, visitors are welcome to come in find out more about what they do and their hobby.