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The Transmitter Hall

In a new light

At the Transmitter Hall you are on the path to today’s modern wireless culture. The jewel in the crown of our collection is the world’s only remaining and functioning Alexanderson transmitter. Step inside to be met with an array of sensory impressions. Learn about the technology as well as the people who kept it running. At our interactive stations you can awaken the sleeping transmitters, and both young and old can follow the steps to send a message just as they would have in the 1920´s.

Since the longwave transmitter in Grimeton is the only one of its type in the whole world, what you witness in here can’t be seen elsewhere. It is a unique experience to say the least! The transmitting equipment in the transmitter hall isn’t only proof of the authentic engineering prowess that keeps the transmitter functioning today, 100 years later, but the system is also an aesthetic masterpiece with a real wow-factor.
During spring 2021 the transmitter hall has gone through a transformation. Through information signs, objects and interactive stations the visitors can gain another understanding for the technical parts. The information is a good complement to the transmitters grandeur and is produced in different layers that suits children as well as the technology enthusiast. Try some of the different steps necessary for the start-up of the Alexanderson transmitter or travel back to the short- and lonqwave era.