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Café Gnistan

Radio cookies and coffee

Enjoy good coffee at ground level in Kafé Gnistan. Sit inside our visitor center, on the outdoor terrace or why not on a picnic blanket on the green grass next to the obstacle course. We offer everything from organic / fair trade coffee, tea, drinks, to ice cream and locally produced pastries.

Our café is named after the nickname of the female telegraphists who were called "Gnista". Coffee was as important in Grimeton then as it is now. Earlier in the summer, the mast painters were seen sitting and dangling with their legs up in the Grimeton masts. Next to them in the basket they had scrapers, wire brushes, paint, brushes - and the lunch box. When it was time for a break, the coffee cup was set on the nearest steel beam. With splashes of paint as an extra topping on the sandwich, they enjoyed a moment of well-deserved rest with a fantastic view.

“The lunch break in the middle of the day was taken up in the mast. Even though it was windy, you enjoyed the view which was fantastic. In clear weather, you could see all the way to Anholt. ”

Sikta stone oven bakery is housed in an old barn just outside Varberg. They delivers fresh pastries to us produced from pure ingredients that are carefully selected with the least possible impact on the environment.
The restaurant is located just outside Varberg and focuses on Nordic cuisine, local ingredients, traditional cooking methods and sustainability. On request, lunches and dinners are delivered to the World Heritage Site.

Radio Store

Filled with gadgets

In the same building as the Kafé is our own small shop, Radio store. There you can find everything from historical books and souvenirs from Grimeton to tricky crafts.