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The Climbing shift

A breathtaking excperience

The Climbing shift 1595 SEK

Challenge yourself and do like the mast workers at Grimeton Radio Station has been doing since the 1920’s. To climb one of the 127 meters high antenna towers is the ultimate adventure.

Two regular people from Grimeton in
comparison with the tower

127 mighty meters
The adventure begins from a distance with the powerful impression - in the east six antenna towers rises proudly from the landscape. The open fields give a sense of space, lightness and airiness and invites the visitors on a historical- and cultural journey from the bottom to the top of the iconic antenna towers. A world Heritage Site with world class! We equip you with everything you need regarding safety. Just bring your sunglasses, comfortable shoes and a sense of adventure!
Climb together
You will be climbing in a group together with a certified guide and climbing instructor, to the top of the antenna tower. The experience starts in the World Heritage Grimeton´s visitors centre and continues to the work shop where the shift for the workers began back in the days. Here you will prepare for your climb. Helmet and safety equipment are ready and the guide holds a security review before the start, something that wasn’t granted for the mast workers the last century. During the experience you will be able to hear more about the workers and their history. As the story about Håkan, one of the children living close to the station, as he one morning a couple of decades ago decided to climb one of the antenna towers to see if his two chickens could fly.
If you have a paper gift card please call (+46) 0340-67 41 90 or email to book your climb. If you have a digital gift card, use the unique code when paying online. 
Important information about The Climbing Shift
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The project "Toppläge"

The Climbing shift was developed through the project "Toppläge" (top position) and would not be possible without the generous support from Sparbanksstiftelsen (the Bank foundation in Varberg), The European argicultural fund for development on the countryside and LLUH (local arranged development Halland).