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The Climbing shift

A breathtaking excperience

The Climbing shift 1595 SEK

Challenge yourself and do like the mast workers at Grimeton Radio Station has been doing since the 1920’s. To climb one of the 127 meters high antenna towers is the ultimate adventure.

If you have a gift card please call (+46) 0340-67 41 90 or email to book your climb. You can see available dates by clicking on the button BUY TICKETS above.

”Move slowly. Look closely where you are. Be sure to have a firm grip where you put your feet’s. Don’t run around, prank and jump. That will never work.”

The golden rule since 1924

Two regular people from Grimeton in
comparison with the tower

127 mighty meters
The adventure begins from a distance with the powerful impression - in the east six antenna towers rises proudly from the landscape. The open fields give a sense of space, lightness and airiness and invites the visitors on a historical- and cultural journey from the bottom to the top of the iconic antenna towers. A world Heritage Site with world class! We equip you with everything you need regarding safety. Just bring your sunglasses, comfortable shoes and a sense of adventure!
Climb together
You will be climbing in a group together with a certified guide and climbing instructor, to the top of the antenna tower. The experience starts in the World Heritage Grimeton´s visitors centre and continues to the work shop where the shift for the workers began back in the days. Here you will prepare for your climb. Helmet and safety equipment are ready and the guide holds a security review before the start, something that wasn’t granted for the mast workers the last century. During the experience you will be able to hear more about the workers and their history. As the story about Håkan, one of the children living close to the station, as he one morning a couple of decades ago decided to climb one of the antenna towers to see if his two chickens could fly.


Your health and security are important. Its physically heavy to climb, so a prerequisite is a good physique and the ability to climb independently. People who are pregnant, have heart diseases, difficulty breathing or dizziness should not participate in this experience. Therefor it’s important to be honest with your state of health. Just so that your well-being won’t be jeopardized. All forms of intoxicants are strictly forbidden before and during the activity.


Prepare for your climb. It’s good to know that it’s often windier and colder at the top of the tower. Therefor we recommend comfortable and durable clothes, preferably layer upon layer. On site there are helmet, safety harness and gloves. Its ok to bring your own gloves. Do have comfortable shoes with a firm sole that grips well. Avoid shoes with flat or smooth shoe soles. Instead use sneakers, trekking- or hiking shoes (not boots). If you choose to have shorts on you, think about that the pant leg should be under your knee.


Lockable storage spaces. On site we have the possibility to store your belongings such as your phone, camera or GoPros, free of charge. Our guides will photograph you on the top. From a safety aspect it’s not allowed to bring your camera or other recording devices during the climb.


Age and weight limits. The age-limit for the Climbing shift are 16 years. Those who haven’t turned 18 need to bring a responsible adult to the site. One responsible adult can answer for max three children. Read more in our guide” For guardians” below. Minimum weight is 50 kg and maximum weight are 120 kg. The climb takes place in the original construction where the inner measurements are; depth 490 mm and width 740 mm.


The climb is weather dependent. The climb takes place in most weathers, for example rain and fog are not an obstacle. Think about using the right clothes for the right weather. We love to climb, but will be forced to cancel the activity in case of heavy winds, thunder or other events out of our control. In your booking confirmation there are more detailed info about your experience. If the climb is cancelled you will be offered to book a new date and after that 100% refund.


The World Heritage Grimeton’s climbing guides are all certified and well trained in rescue and evacuation situation at high altitude. The equipment that are used are approved and certified by Cresto; an international company that specialize in professional high-altitude work. Certification and annual inspections follow the strictest international regulations. Which is necessary to create a safe and positive experience for our visitors.

The climb always takes place in the antenna towers original construction where the fall protection is installed. The participants are detached to the fall protection on the ground and aren’t released until they reach ground level again. The participants don’t need any experience from climbing.

Before the climb all the participants are informed in how the equipment works and should be used. Everyone is equipped with safety devices such as helmet, gloves, safety harness and other fall proved equipment. The Climbing shift are a special experience, from the guided tour to reaching the top.


The antenna towers in Grimeton are a well-known land mark. Many has seen the T-shaped steel towers that proudly rises 127 meters up in the sky. Imagine the view from the top, all the way to Denmark, and down to the ground where the radio station looks like a small piece of sugar surrounded by fields and church towers. Has the thought filled you with joy or made you cold sweaty?

Maybe you’ve imagined how it is to work up there, or just to climb? A family member celebrating their birthday or just friend meeting up for an exciting activity? Are maybe Grimeton’s antenna tower on your” bucket list”. There are a few climbers in Grimeton that hasn’t felt weak-kneed before going up there, but then returned and reached a life goal and lost their acrophobia or at least decreased it. You are not the only one who are afraid of heights. We claim it to be a normal and healthy feeling.

Acrophobia is common. Many of the mast workers in Grimeton didn’t know if they had what it takes to put their foot on the ladder. But, unlike the mast workers you are not alone, we are there for you. We are there to answer your questions, show how safe it actually is and keep you mentally present and helps you to focus on the ultimately goal – to challenge and overcome your fears.

We rejoice with our visitors who dares to meet their fears. Is your pulse rising just of the thought? Don’t underestimate yourself. With support from us and friends on the ground you will be surprised of what you can do!