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The examination

A mission for the adventurous young climber

The antenna of the longwave transmitter SAQ is broken and someone needs to climb up to fix the problem fast! Can you test your vision, balance and strength, just like the mast workers back in the 1920s?

”…SAQ had to be be On Air! And it had to be On Air around the clock. Every second. We couldn’t, we could not stand still.”

The Examination is an obstacle course for the adventurous young climber. The challenge is based on the history of the mast workers. If you succeed, you can make your way up the Little Tower and send a message down through the voice pipe. At the end of the obstacle course is the visitor centre and coffee shop, where you can take a break from your exploits with an ice cream and a freshly brewed coffee!


The obstacle course is designed so that all children, regardless of their physical ability, can play and learn. From the visitor centre a wheelchair accessible path leads down to the obstacle course. Baking tables have been set at a level that suits all, and there is an entrance to the sandbox for wheelchairs.