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Inside Grimeton Radio Station’s transmitter hall you find SAQ, the worlds only remaining and still functioning mechanical transmitter from the 1920’s, or in other words the worlds largest sms-machine! A unique monument representing the development of the wireless society.



Since the longwave transmitter in Grimeton is the only remaining example in the whole world, what you witness in here can’t be seen elsewhere. A unique experience to say the least. The transmitting equipment in the transmitter hall isn’t only proof of true engineering that makes the transmitter functional still today 100 years later, the system is also an aesthetic masterpiece with wow-factor like no other. For many, the large machines and its significance can be difficult understanding. However, nothing a guided tour of the station can’t cure. Our professional guides are here to answer all of your questions. If you want to immerse yourself in the technology of the transmitter and its different systems, you can book a technical guided tour. It treats everything that you might want to know about SAQ and a little bit more. Use the form below to send a guided tour request.


“At least 10 years. Both from the point of view of wear and modernity”

The answer given by RCA’s representative regarding the life span of the Alexanderson alternator

Despite SAQ soon being 100 years old, its functional still today. Thus, it is also possible to participate during a transmitter start up. The start-ups are arranged together with the Alexanderson association and takes place during the summer. But it’s also possible to pre book the experience on other dates. Take the chance to not only see, but hear and feel how it was to communicate wireless hundred years ago. A radio transmitter isn’t much without its antenna. We are therefor also happy about the opportunity to offer our visitors a climbing experience in one of the six antenna towers, erected to carry the multiple tuned antenna that transmitted the messages over the Atlantic. To be 127 meters over the ground gives you a different perspective on Grimeton Radio Station, to say the least.
A world-unique experience
Are you looking for a world-unique experience? SAQ is the only remaining longwave transmitter that still works today, even though it was put into operation hundred years ago. Which means that you can learn more about the system by going on a guided tour or by participating on a transmitter start up. Visit us during opening hours or send us a request in the form below.

Guided tours

  • Coffee is valid for a minimum of 10 people