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The Radio Shed

The global world of the radio amateurs

Are you curious about amateur radio? The radio amateurs receive friends from all over the world and learns a lot about other cultures. Here at the World Heritage Grimeton you have the chance to meet some of those who have radio as a hobby as they use the amateur radio station The Radio Shed. You can also try making radio contact yourself with others around the globe.

A hobby with history
The hobby arose as early as in the beginning of the 20th century after Marconi’s successful experiment to send wireless signals across the Atlantic. The great success aroused curiosity of several individuals that also started experimenting with their own radio equipment. During World War I amateur radio was forbidden in many countries, but after the war it continued. In a time were internet didn’t exist amateur radio became the first and only way of making contact with the outside world and its different cultures. Despite of being on remote locations or in isolated environments the operators could communicate with each other. The Radio Shed is staffed with non-profit operators using callsign SK6SAQ. When the door is open you are welcome to pay them a visit to learn more about what they do.