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A World Heritage with global Reach

Test your Morse skills, find out how the giant steal towers were erected and compare your message consumption with the 1920’s. The exhibition A World Heritage With Global Reach is a technological and interactive exhibition that convey the communication history of our time in a relevant and modern way.

People has through all times desired to communicate with its surroundings, and with the strive for higher speeds and longer distances. It was the need of a reliable, fast and stable connection between Sweden and North America that resulted in the construction of Grimeton Radio Station shortly after World War I. During the following years the site grew in to a communication centre, and are still today. The first years in operation, every word meant a great cost for the sender. Today the words flow through our social media channels all over the world. You can take part in the journey through the exhibition A World Heritage With Global Reach, as in both text, pictures and interactivity depicts the radio stations role through history and towards future challenges – all in the service of communication.
The exhibition takes place in the authentic garage which enhances the experience. The building is accessibility adapted. The exhibition is included in the entrance fee.