Exercise Hawk Eye

During World War II, the radio station was in a heightened state of alert. In addition to patrolling the area and erecting shelters, a lookout post was also created up in the first antenna tower. Through a narrow slit, the elevated guard could check for strange activity in the area and eliminate potential threats well in advance.

Accompanied by the wind and the occasional kestrel, participants can experience what it was like to go up to a high elevation for a risky mission. Exercise Hawk Eye is a dizzying 120-meter, high-altitude exercise in which your vision, strength and balance are put to the test.

Practical information

Exercise Hawk Eye takes place on Saturdays in summer (June – Sept.).

Tickets are available in the World Heritage Site ticket shop. The activity starts with a briefing for everyone in the Visitor Center. We then equip you with all the necessary safety equipment before we head up the ladder. Throughout the activity, participants are attached to the safety system. The climbing guides are with you throughout the experience.

If you have a gift voucher issued before 2022, call +46 (0)340 67 41 90 or email info@grimeton.org to book your climb.

If you have a gift voucher issued in or after 2022, you can redeem it directly in the digital ticket shop.

Climbing together

You climb up one of the antenna towers in a small group with a certified guide, the climbing leader.

The experience starts at the World Heritage Site Visitor Center and continues to the workshop, where the work day began in the past for the workers.

You prepare for the climb there. There are helmets and safety equipment there and the guide starts with a safety briefing, which is not something that the mast workers during the last century were afforded.

You can hear more about the workers and their history during the activity. And the story of what happened to Håkan, one of the children who lived near the radio station and who one early morning a few decades ago decided to climb one of the towers with two hens to see if they could fly.

Useful information

The game is played with maximum 12 participants.

The lower age limit for the Climbing Shift is 16. Young people under the age of 18 must have a responsible adult with them on site.

Time required
Approximately 3 hours

The minimum weight is 50 kg and the maximum weight is 120 kg. The climbing is done in the original structure, where the internal dimensions of the ladder with its curved protection are 490 mm deep and 740 mm wide.

Comfortable and tough clothes suitable for the current weather are therefore recommended, based on the layering principle. Use a long-sleeved shirt or jacket and long trousers. Helmets, safety harnesses and gloves are provided. You are allowed to wear your own gloves if you want. Wear comfortable shoes with firm/hard soles that grip well. Avoid shoes with flat or slippery soles, such as sneakers. Instead, choose sports shoes, trekking shoes or hiking boots.

Safety briefing is available in both Swedish and English.

We do not allow people who have taken any form of intoxicant to participate.