We want Grimeton Radio Station to be a place that everyone can visit. It was closed to the public for many years but times change and a lot has happened. We now strive to make it possible for everyone to visit us, both by creating exciting activities and by making it easily accessible.


We hereby inform you that the World Heritage Site staff follow the recommendations of the Public Health Agency of Sweden and activities are adapted accordingly. We ask you as a visitor to do the same by: staying at home if you have symptoms of a cold – washing your hands often with soap and water or antibacterial hand gel – keeping distance from others.


All visitor buildings are equipped with automatic door openers.


Smooth stone slabs connect the buildings within the visitor area. The path leading to the first antenna tower has a hard surface that allows access by wheelchair, walking frame and push chair/stroller.


There is a parking lot for cars adjacent to the Visitor Center. It has a gravel surface. Two spaces in the parking lot are reserved for people with disabilities. There are two spaces for buses next to the parking lot.


It is not permitted to barbecue or make any other form of fire at the World Heritage Site. There is an electric grill available next to the Visitor Center; a ticket must be purchased to use it.

WC/baby changing

Inside the Visitor Center there are three toilets, one of which has baby changing facilities and space for a wheelchair. Inside the radio station there is a toilet with wheelchair access.

Listening aids

Speaker vests are used by the guides during the tours.

Visual impairment

The tour is adapted by including sections with physical objects. Several of the guides have completed an introductory course in giving tours for visitors with visual impairments.

Fire alarm

Fire alarms are installed in all the premises. An assembly point is marked in the area.


Guide/service dogs are allowed but no other pets are allowed on the premises. Pets may not be taken for walks or allowed to do their business on the site.

Food brought with you

It is not permitted to use the furniture inside or outside the Visitor Center while eating food that you have brought with you.