Grimeton World Heritage Site broadcasts UN Day message on October 24, 2023

Join in the celebration of UN Day by experiencing the transmission of a message via the almost 100-year-old long-wave transmitter at the World Heritage Grimeton Radio Station.

This year’s message is formulated by the Babice Transatlantic Radio-Station Association in Poland. The radio station in Poland was inaugurated 100 years ago this year and was part of the same transatlantic network as Grimeton, but was bombed during World War II. However, their association of friends is very active and this year will have the opportunity to reach out via the antenna in Grimeton when SAQ is launched on this year’s UN Day. Our own association, Vänföreningen Alexander, will be present in Sändarsalen and run the unique 200 kW Alexanderson alternator from 1924 on the frequency 17.2 kHz CW.

Radio amateurs all over the world will connect with their radio receiver equipment and receive the message from Grimeton. You can also follow the entire event on YouTube and watch the broadcast here at Grimeton World Heritage Site from start to finish.

Visitors are welcome to the radio station – free entry to the Transmitter Hall and the Transmitter Launch. Book a ticket where you can also book a UN Coffee ticket. The café is especially open on this day from 15.00 – 16.30.

Program and transmission schedule / Transmission schedule & YouTube Live stream
16:25 CET (14:25 UTC): Live stream on YouTube begins.
16:30 CET (14:30 UTC): Startup and tuning of the Alexanderson Alternator SAQ.
17:00 CET (15:00 UTC): Transmission of a message from SAQ.

Live Video on YouTube


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